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Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink & Tiger-Team Take the Spotlight in their Debut

From:Fantawild Animation      Date:2017-10-20      Views:312246

Fantawild Animation New Product Launch Event and the 4th Annual Licensee Conference officially kicked off at the Shanghai Kerry Hotel on October 18, 2017. Fantawild rolled out five brand-new programs which drew a lot attention, including Boonie Cub Tune Club, a series of nursery rhyme targeting younger kids from 0 to 3 years old, Boonie Cubs, an edutainment targeted at the pre-school aged 3 to 6, Boonie Bears: The Adventurers, an adventure-themed TV series targeted at children aged 6 to 12, Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink, the 5th theatrical film of Fantawild to be aired in 2018, and Tiger-Team centered around expedition and exploration. What’s more, Fantawild also celebrated the 5th anniversary since the debut of their hit property, “Boonie Bears”. But we won’t stop there. Fantawild promises to continue to bring you the newest, biggest, and most innovative entertainment experiences in the years to come.

Opening Speech by Daisy Shang, SVP of Fantawild Holding Inc.

3 Animated Programs Tailored for Different Age Groups to Meet with Audience Soon

2017 marks the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the animation brand “Boonie Bears”. Based on the creative concept---“The Right Animation for the Right Age”, Fantawild customizes 3 animations: Boonie Cub Tune Club, Boonie Cubs, and Boonie Bears: The Adventurers. The latest news on these programs was made public at the conference.

Since its debut in April 2017, Boonie Cubs has delighted audiences across multiple TV channels as well as digital media. It earns an average rating of 1.55% and a maximum rating of 3.044% for every single episode. The show proudly finds itself among the Top 4 Highest Rated TV Series in China. Fantawild advances in leaps and bounds in the field of themed activities, brand licensing, and consumer products sales. Boonie Cubs Season 2 contains 52 episodes, and the production has been completed. It is expected to be broadcast in early 2018.

Additionally, a batch of stills and trailers for Boonie Bears: The Adventurers were unveiled at the launch event. This adventure-themed show follows Vick, Briar, and Bramble who are on an adventure with a girl named Carly to help look for her childhood companion---Kitty the tiger. The four friends find themselves in fantastic new lands. Dense jungles, deep mines, and snow-capped mountains are just a few of the magnificent locales our explorers find themselves in. It is finely produced with exciting stories and high-quality animation, which has been praised by early viewers and is expected to make a big splash on the animation scene. The production of all 52 episodes has concluded and they are scheduled for release at the beginning of 2018.

It is noteworthy that Fantawild is working on a new nursery rhyme series named Boonie Cub Tune Club. Unlike traditional children’s songs, this series incorporates popular musical elements as well as kid-friendly music styles to offer a refreshing and fashionable audio-visual experience. The adorable personalities of Briar, Bramble, and Vick are perfectly rendered in the animation. Paired with educational lyrics, the colorful pictures will delight as well as nudge the child down the road of education and further language learning. The work is still at the creation stage and is due for release in 2018.

2 Brand New Animations Unveiled and Expected to Make a Splash

The announcement for the long-awaited 5th theatrical release of Fantawild’s Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink, made its first public appearance at the conference. This film promises to capture the imagination with thrills and suspenseful storytelling. The refined yet imaginative film title is impressive enough to draw wide attention. The film, which maintains a consistent level of quality, presents audiences with a wondrous new world from a microscopic view. The hilarious trio, the bear brothers and Vick, guarantee a storyline packed with fun and excitement that keeps you laughing all the way down. Furthermore, Vick’s father also has a part to play in the film. The emotional interaction between the father and son will surely add a more tender feeling to the story. Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink is estimated to hit cinemas in early 2018. For more information, please stay tuned for the film release conference in the months to come.

Ben Li, Deupty General Manager of Fantawild Animation Inc., announced the new feature film.

Another highlight at the launch event is Fantawild’s announcement that it has entered a deal to make an animation based on Thomas Brezina’s hugely popular Tiger-Team book series. Centered on adventure, it follows three central characters as they travel to exciting locations, solve baffling cases, and face sinister villains. Since it was published in China in 2001, this book series has grabbed a big share of the market by virtue of interesting storylines, rich scientific and humanistic knowledge, the distinct personalities of main characters, plus novel crime-solving tools. In China, it smashed the sales record set up by Harry Potter with more than 7 million books sold in three years, and has climbed to top of Best-Selling Children’s Books List for 23 times. So far, Tiger-Team is already an acclaimed book series, having sold more than 40 million copies worldwide with 83 editions published and translated into 26 languages, a must-have for any child’s library.

Fantawild has commenced the animation adaption of the Tiger-Team novel in an all-round way. Besides the in-house creation team, Fantawild will hire Hollywood’s top writing teams to undertake the innovation work, and join hands with Zodiak Kids Studios, a leading children’s media producer and a subsidiary company of Zodiak Media which is the largest media group in France, to work on the global distribution. Fantawild will integrate superior resources via its well-established distribution network, and formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy to develop Tiger-Team, which has gained a considerable fan base worldwide, into a super animation. It will definitely bring more surprises to audiences in the near future!

The 5th Anniversary of “Boonie Bears” Heralding Greater Strides in Innovation

Since its debut in 2012, “Boonie Bears” has brought joy to countless families. This year marks the 5th anniversary of “Boonie Bears” and Fantawild warmly celebrates that important milestone. Over the past five years, Boonie Bears has grown from a popular animated program into a No.1 animation brand nationwide, with its business sections including TV series, TV films, theatrical films, audio works, stage-plays, consumer products, and brand licensing. It has achieved great success at the box office, held the highest ratings of all TV channels, and is top ranking in new media. Boonie Bears series has been distributed to more than 60 countries and territories in the world, and performs well at the box office in Russia, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, etc. Some Boonie Bears seasons have been broadcast on Sony, Netflix and Disney channels. Recently Boonie Bears has been -distributed to Australia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Greece, further expanding its footprints on the world arena.

During the 5th anniversary celebration, Fantawild joined hands with Zoo Coffee, Shenzhen Airlines, Bliss Cake, and many other famous enterprises to carry out a series of promotional activities. In addition, Boonie Bears 5th Anniversary National Tour kicked off on October 1, 2017. There are 100 adorable statues of main characters placed on the spot, which get quite popular among the public and win the heart of numerous fans. In the coming years, Fantawild will make more efforts to infuse fashionable and trendy elements into Boonie Bears, so as to gain more audience and fans of various age groups and push the brand to a new level, which also conforms to the pathway Fantawild maps out for future development.

Fantawild Animation is committed to constantly improving the quality of the “Boonie Bears” brand and creating more excellent programs for our audience. Fantawild will innovate its brand promotion and optimize the licensing system to offer more customized marketing solutions for cooperative partners. Fantawild has been and will always be increasing its brand impact and spreading happiness to our audiences the world over.

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