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The Growth of the # 1 Animated Brand from China: Unveil the Secret of Boonie Bears’ Success

From:Fantawild      Date:2016-09-30      Views:340582

About Boonie Bears

BoonieBears, the No. 1 animated franchise, wasoriginally a 3D animated comedy series created by Fantawild Animation Inc. Since its debut in 2012, Boonie Bears has soon become the most popular family shows inChina. The series has been gaining viewers throughout China with its humorousyet intelligent take on important themes of environmental protection, andbrought tons of laughter to viewers of all age groups.

Boonie Bears has become a cultural phenomenon, set in the beautifulforest of northeast China. The Bears are enjoyed globally through its uniquebrand of humor and intriguing storytelling. Due to its theme of environmentprotection, outstanding CGI animation, and the laugh-out-loud adventures of thethree frenemies, Vick, Briar, and Bramble, BoonieBears amused all the family audiences wherever it reached.

Why Boonie Bears

Global strategy on TVdistribution is the beginning and foundation of the huge success of BoonieBears. Supported by a large library of content and strong distribution, BoonieBears is everywhere in China. You can hardly take your eyes off the Boonie Bears because when you turn onthe TV, over 200 channels are broadcasting the show by multi-runs. Laying asound foundation of unparalleled influence for this super brand in China.Furthermore, Boonie Bears programshave also been translated into more than 10 languages currently and are airedin more than 60 countries by many national channels and media giants such asDisney, Sony, Netflix, and Star Times.

With such wide and deepTV distribution, Boonie Bears gradually started its journey in cinemas, whichbrought its success to a brand new level. After the premiere of its firstfeature film in 2014, Boonie Bears: Tothe Rescue has earned the title of "The highest-grossing animated filmever in Chinese animation history". With over 250 million CNY (41 millionUSD) in box office sales, the film was the only animated film with a box officeover 200 million CNY of that time, but its No.1 status only maintained for 1year and was eventually broken by BoonieBears: A Mystical Winter, with box office sales of 47 million USD.Globally, Boonie Bears films havebeen sought after by fans spanning from Asia all the way to Latin America, andfrom CIS to the Middle East, with a great many fans in Russia, as well. The BoonieBears have so far released 4 feature films in the market, including adirect to TV movie, which was technically converted especially for Russiabecause of its popularity there..

Besides the success on TV,and the theatrical market, Boonie Bearshas never forgotten the digital and brand licensing markets, had even madebetter performance in both fields. Up until now, the total number of clicks forBoonie Bears videos on Chinese videosites has grown up to 140 billion, and this has attracted a lot of fans onYouTube; as for consumer products, the annual sales of Boonie Bears merchandise has been exceeding 320 million USD foryears now. As the most favored family animation, Boonie Bears has continuously been the best licensing partner inChina for local and overseas licensees including Infiniti, Dicos, Yili, Balenoetc.

Likeglittering stars, thefamous Bear brothers have received flowers and a number of nominations andawards in China and in the international shows such as Kids Jury Awards, MipJunior International Pitch, Cristal Awards in Annecy, etc. This June, the Boonie Bears returned to the Las VegasLicensing Expo and were very honorably nominated in the LIMA International Licensing Awards with the other 6 global popularanimations such as Frozen, Masha and theBear, and Minions.,which are sponsored by the LIMA and generally consideredas the highest honor in licensing industry.

The Future of Boonie Bears

The legend of this successful animated brandis still continuing. With over 7,500-minute content, Boonie Bears is still keepon moving. Its eighth TV series, BoonieBears: The Adventurers, is expected to premiere in 2017.

In the new season of Boonie Bears, Logger Vick has quit his logging job and become atour guide, but he quickly meets the first and the most tremendous challenge ofthis career: a girl, who needs his help finding the tiger that used to be herchildhood companion. Briar and Bramble join the “finding tiger” team byaccident and their hilarious and wonderful adventure ensues…

Aside from the new TV series, in the film department, “Boonie Bears: Entangled Worlds” will bereleased in early 2017. In the real world, the villainous henchmen- the threerobbers- have stolen innumerable treasures from the animation worlds. Thistime, they cast a greedy eye upon the deer clan’s treasure—the golden antler,in the Boonie Bears’ World. An archeologicalrobot, who is on a mission to protect the golden antler, is spotted and chasedby the three robbers, and then escapes to Pine Tree Mountain…In order to protect their homeland,it comes down to a war between the bear brothers and robots.

Boonie Cubs is Coming Soon

Besides new seasons and newfilms, a brand new spin-off of Boonie Bears,Boonie Cubsseries will bereleased in October 2016, which is an innovativeand exciting new series aimed at preschoolers aged 2 through 6. This series ismainly focused on the stories of younger version of the bear brothers and theirexperiences of growing up together in their childhood.

The story starts from when a young Vick stumbles upon amysterious tunnel while he is chasing after young Briar and young Bramble. Hecan’t help himself as his instincts to explore the tunnel leads him on ajourney that marks the beginning of a fantastic adventure.

In this brand new series, viewers are broughtinto a scenic kindergarten where they’ll see all the familiar characters fromPine Tree Mountain that they know and loved, in their younger years. There inthis class is the Young Briar, brave and brilliant, the timid but adorableYoung Bramble, smart Young Vick, who’s obsessed with his inventions, themischievous Prince Tiki, and their kooky but thoughtful teachers.

Boonie Cubs will take you to a magical world where everything isnew, exciting and the world is wondrous. Follow the kids as they learn moreabout friendship and happiness.

Without a doubt, there’s always roomfor growth internationally. We’re looking at expanding our brand recognitionacross the globe and bringing BoonieBears to all the children outside of China.

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